UK Dementia Research – Precious & Wild – Nenetia’s Memory

Liz Unna

‘Wild & Precious' is a campaign focused on raising awareness around how women are disproportionately impacted by dementia. 2 out of 3 people with dementia are women. At the same time, women are also more likely to find themselves providing unpaid care for a loved one with the condition. Another area where the gender health gap hits women hard.

Partnering with UK Dementia Research Institute, we spoke to women who experience dementia in different ways including living with the condition, caring for someone, or having a loved one with the illness.

We focused on their cherished memories as they shared stories, that one day dementia may take from them. To honour our contributors, these memories are stored in the blockchain so they will never fade, never be forgotten and never disappear.
Agency - Wongdoody
Global Chief Creative and Design Officer – Grace Francis
Executive Creative Director – Jamie Mancini

Director - Liz Unna
Executive Producer - Simon Oxley
Producer - Felicia Morizet
Production Manager - Sarah Dines
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Dop - Ian Murray
1st ac - Kai Newton
Gaffer - Josh Mclaren
2nd ac/dit - Zach Costa
Art director - Daisy Cambridge
Sound  - Reece Gibbins
Camera car driver - Dusty
Editor  - Adam Lavis
Music  - Nikky French 
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