Jack Barraclough

Jack Barraclough is a versatile director with a collaborative approach, and an instinct for unconventional storytelling

After graduating from Goldsmiths, where he first began experimenting with video, Jack began making music videos and visuals for friends and local bands. Part of the music scene himself, he brought a purposefully DIY aesthetic to his work, often incorporating animated elements into films. Even now, as an established director, Jack maintains the same approach – understanding exactly when to smooth out the edges, and when to leave some rough charm intact. He’s carried this philosophy through to his work for artists including Mind Enterprises, Rozi Plain and The Orielles.

There’s a sense of playfulness to this director’s work, which is apparent in his use of colour, as well as his affinity for quirky characters and offbeat stories. Jack might have learned his craft making music videos, but is now exploring different mediums and ways of making, including documentary, fashion content, and narrative work. He puts emphasis on the collaborative nature of his craft, working closely with clients to find a common vision, and then bring it to life.