Shan Phearon

Shan Phearon makes larger-than-life films that span genres, adding unexpected textures to mainstream rhythms and tropes.

Shan has been soaking up film-craft since he was a kid, tearing through DVDs, and editing shots together inside his head – the same imaginative process he uses to this day. He spent several years working in the music and the advertising industry, which continues to inform his progressive approach. 

Shan has made UKMVA-nominated music videos for Warner, and Atlantic Records, as well as ads for Adidas, Beefeater Gin, Red Bull and Converse. His experience has given him an innate understanding of both brands and performing artists, as well as the narrative universe that needs to be created around them.

A forward-thinking creative, Shan takes worlds and stories and puts them through a blender. Eccentricity is woven throughout his work, as a nod to the inherent strangeness of modern life.