Gemma Yin

Gemma Yin makes mixed media work, bringing hand-made and digitally created elements together with live-action to create a living, breathing collage.

Gemma got her start in the fast-paced world of fashion, finishing up an illustration and animation degree and heading straight into her first job as Head of Video at indie mag Tank. There she was responsible for all the magazine’s moving image content, turning snippets of footage and fashion stills into snappy bits of film that helped develop her distinctive style. After four years at Tank, Gemma launched herself as a standalone director and earned a reputation for creating bright, vibrant work that effortlessly blends analogue and digital. She also has a deft hand when it comes to lyric videos, transforming an ephemeral format into something more enduring, artful and design-focused. Gemma’s applied her creative approach to type for artists including Little Mix, Sigrid and Louis Tomlinson.

Gemma’s collage-in-motion style lends itself to a wide range of projects, but feels particularly at home in the fashion world, where her zeitgeisty approach has resonated with companies including Charlotte Olympia and Red Valentino. And it’s not just about the visual side of things. Gemma is keen to explore how her style can adapt to fit narrative work, and the ways her handmade and digital graphics can bring an extra dimension to the story.