Anna Fearon

Anna Fearon is a Director, Writer and Photographer living in London. Her work centers on exploring identity, telling nuanced stories exploring Black and queer identity.

Anna initially started as a photographer and her practice has broadened into film, working on short films and music videos. Her film The Muse screened at the V&A museum and she has given a talk at Friday Lates: The eyes have it. Anna has been commissioned to make short films for Channel 4 Random acts for Black history month which have been broadcast on tv as well as British Vogue last year for their Pride series. She has also published two issues of ‘Blue’ a print publication, founded by herself which focuses on celebrating Black beauty, fashion and art. She recently completed an artist residency with Hypha studios supported by art council and solo exhibition Colour + Movement.

Anna is currently in early stage development for her first feature film.