Anna Fearon

Anna Fearon is a photographer turned director who tells stories that celebrate and explore black culture.

Anna originally studied graphic design, but realised not long after graduating that photography was a better fit. She spent some time assisting other photographers, before striking out on her own to create fashion and editorial images. Anna describes her approach to image-making as joyful, playful and colourful, often working with celebratory images of the black community. She also celebrates black culture and fashion with her magazine Blue, the second issue of which is due to launch soon. 

Now striking out as a director, Anna brings the same carefully considered approach to her moving image work. Anna’s films aren’t just beautifully crafted – and clearly made with the well-trained eye of a photographer – they’re also challenging, exploring questions around identity and the black and queer community that are often neglected by mainstream media. She’s keen to continue exploring this subject matter across a variety of mediums, including short film, music videos, and other narrative content.