David Reviews / Pick of The Day: Dir.Lx’s DC promo “Tears, Sweat Blood”

5 August 2020 / Andrew MacGregor

Rapper DC’s latest track ‘Tears, Sweat, Blood’ receives an artful promo courtesy of director LX, who knowingly blends realist grit with generic guile. While his entourage sport jumpers with the slogan ‘Only the Paranoid Survive’, the Londoner delivers a flowing yet grounded insight into life dodging lames, snakes, and “the white man who thinks I’m local dealing”.

Glimpses of blood, shattered glass, and a funereal downpour provide further clues to DC’s state of mind, as well as keeping viewers on their toes throughout. There’s also a refreshing lack of bluster to the piece, which promotes hard work and introspection over gratuitous excess. Two artists to keep tabs on.