Rebekah Creative

An international kid at heart, moving from place to place from Chicago at a young age meant that Rebekah became comfortable being the odd man out in an array of new environments right from the beginning. This has manifested itself as a natural ability to think originally and a fearless approach to visual art.

After being discovered on set by an international director as a talented ‘idea generator’, Rebekah started as a shadow treatment writer, coming up with successful and iconic ideas for big names like Ne-Yo  and Cardi B before anyone even knew who she was. She learned on set with a front row seat to the best directors in the industry as they turned her ideas into a reality before stepping out on her own as a Freelance Video Director.

Motivated by visually interpreting the inner workings of a person’s mind, their dreams, experiences and ambitions, her work lends itself to other worldly, surreal imagery driven by stunning concepts. Rebekah has the ability to visualise the most abstract ideas and turn them into a choreography ridden, fashion heavy reality. She uses styling, choreography and surreal effects as mechanisms to synthesise music, ideas and emotion.