Klaas Diersmann

Klaas Diersmann’s work explores society’s complicated relationship with wellbeing and technology, often accompanied by a ripple of dark humour or surrealism

The YDA-winning director is a self-taught filmmaker who studied art and design before pursuing moving image. He’s made work for men’s mental health charity CALM, directed music videos and produced installations and moving image pieces for HKW (Haus Der Kulturen Der Welt) Berlin – which explores technology’s human impact. Diersmann received a Silver Screen award at the 2020 Young Director Award, winning the Art Film category for Divided We Scroll – a Barbican-commissioned film that explores the bizarre effects of our screen dependence.

His work, which is often cinematic in nature, questions our reliance on data and technology, prompting bigger questions around the way society operates and the challenges it faces. He’s currently working on a script for a sci-fi TV series which tells a coming of age story set in the not too distant future.