Georgina Cammalleri

Georgina Cammalleri is a BAFTA Award-winning producer and director who blurs the boundaries between drama and documentary to create worlds that have an unexpectedly surreal twist.

Over the last ten years, Cammalleri has directed and produced documentaries on a huge range of subjects, from sporting scandals to true crime – including the BAFTA-winning, Grierson-nominated doc Gun No.6 – for Netflix, C4 and the BBC. Cammalleri is now working on a new feature documentary about women in boxing.

She’s also made music videos for bands including Sports Team, Swim Deep and The Magic Gang – and earned herself a UKMVA nomination for ‘To Feel Good’. When it comes to music videos, story is key for Cammalleri and she frequently gravitates towards narrative-led concepts rooted in cinematic worlds. She enjoys working closely with artists to get the best performance – one that is authentic and credible, and shows a different side of them.