Dan Mace

Dan Mace is a visionary film maker and YouTuber who tells stories that challenge the way people interpret life. His use of inspirational narratives combined with graphic aesthetics handled in a sensitive style have garnered him the respect of not only the advertising industry (having gained two silver screen awards at the YDA Cannes Lions 2016 in both the ‘Changing the world’ category and ‘Short Film’ category), but he’s now also developed his own highly successful YouTube channel and amassed an audience of over 700,000 followers for his show called The Not Normal Show which is in its second season and will take place over four different continents between May and September 2019.

His continual focus on projects that affect change both environmentally and through human behaviour help to highlight innovative initiatives and develop real honest discussion around topics generated by the public that are sometimes tricky to navigate via his seed map.

An all round creative Dan loves to fuse his passion for ideas, music, aesthetics and performance together and see them culminate through the medium of film to raise awareness, help inspire change and implement positive action.