Irina Alexiu

Irina Alexiu captures the whimsical and absurd moments of everyday life, creating modern day myths and fairytales for short films, documentaries and music videos. 

Irina studied filmmaking at Goldsmiths, and has spent the last ten years honing her distinctive style with work for fashion labels, brands and artists, as well as personal projects. Her films are reminiscent of fairy tales, but imbued with the kind of magic and humour that’s very much drawn from everyday life. Irina also has an eye for the abstract and the absurd, lending her films an unpredictable quality.

She’s particularly interested in blurring the boundaries between styles, introducing documentary footage into music videos, or exploring the lines between fact and fiction with scripted documentaries and mockumentaries. 

This year, Irina is exploring ways of taking her whimsical approach into new territories.